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About MotionFX

    Since 2006 MotionFX have been creating video, art and stories that have been viewed and experienced throughout Seattle, the Pacific Northwest and in recent years nation wide.

In 2012 we launched our 360 video and virtual reality division
that included 360 video and Matterport 360 tours.

Our focus is on taking care of our clients and partners, making them part of our team. 
We love making the creation process easy, fun and rewarding. 
We never invoice until a project has been done right and delivered after you love it!


We offer the following services:
Video Production
Creative and Script Writing
Concept Development
Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality


We offer the following services:
Matterport 360 Tours
Linear Editing
Color Correction / Color Grading
Music Mixing / Audio Mix
Lighting  / Set Design / Grip


We have created content for:

Fundraising Events
Web / Education Platforms

After 17 years, we have become experts in the software and tools needed to accomplish any project needed. 
We have the certification and awards backing it up.

We are expert designers in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Affects – the leading industry tools.


We are masters at all animation styles.  Flat Design, stop motion, even traditional hand drawn animation.  To create explainers, web commercials or to share more about a program, animation is a great way to show off what you want to say! 


Event videos

When you’re organizing an event, you need your event video team to run a slick production process, be your ultimate brand ambassadors, and be able to respond to the unexpected and meet tight deadlines without breaking a sweat.


Social videos

Our social videos will help you amplify your campaigns, attract followers, build communities and generate leads. They’ll be tailored to work perfectly on the selected platforms and, just as importantly, to truly engage your audiences.


 Promotional videos

Whether it’s a new product or a new feature, our promotional videos work hard for you. They showcase your products, elevate your brand, attract interest, improve SEO and give you the edge, even against established competitors.

 Educational videos

Video offers an excellent medium for educating. Whether filming lectures, producing online courses, recruiting more students, engaging alumni or reaching a broad international audience, our educational video team is experienced and ready to help.

Corporate videos

Recruitment videos to training, internal comms and testimonials and case studies, on-boarding and motivational; our corporate video production team can create video that generate leads, drive conversions and make people absolutely want to join you in your cause. 

Brand videos

Brand videos will present your company at its very best – telling your customers and prospects what your brand stands for and why they should choose you. They also allow you to connect your brand to a story that your company or organization is heartfelt about. 

Video strategy

How does your video strategy work with your current marketing plan?    Plus, we will try hard to give you options when planning how to create the longest shelf life for your project to help get the most for the value.  One of the most important steps in any video strategy is pre-production. 

Virtual reality

We have created large VR experiences for conferences, retail stores, education, research, entertainment and travel.  Our virtual reality services are will help make your event, product or  campaign genuinely stand out.

Immersive Experiences

Using video walls, projection and new technologies that allow us to interact with video and 360 video, we are creating video experiences that people can manipulate, change, create and explore through fun and the wonder of what’s ahead for the future. 


Silver Telly Award for best Animated Commercial Video

Winner of a Gold Telly Award for best web commercial.

Gold Telly Award Winner for best web commercial Video

Winner of a Silver Telly Award for best animated web commercial.

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