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Seattle Corporate Video Production

Corporate video is a scalable way to train staff, sell complex products, brand your company, & foster company culture. MotionFX can help you to capture, engage, & move people to action with corporate video, made in Seattle, WA. Check out our production process to see how. We make it easy!
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How Do Corporations Use Video?

The possible uses for video are limited only by the imagination. However, we find that most corporate clients already understand the power of video in marketing and are looking to bring that power other areas of business.

Staff Training Videos

Companies often worry about investing in training people who eventually leave the company. We ask, “Would you rather train them and have them quit, or not train them and have them stay?” Since you’re going to train them, why not make sure they learn the material? Get their attention, keep it, and make the material easily digestible with video.

Internal Corporate Videos

Typical reasons that organizations hire us for internal video production:

  • Company pivot in branding or product
  • New product/service/software/platform
  • New employee orientation
  • Ethics video
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion
  • Sexual Harassment Training Video
  • Workplace safety
  • Records retention
  • Communication
  • Leadership & supervision
  • Ongoing technical training
  • Create & foster a thriving company culture

Marketing Video Production

Above all, most corporations hire us for video marketing services.


Creating brand awareness is difficult if you don’t stand out. Consumers are hit with advertising hundreds of times a day. Do you really think that people will remember you even after “The Seven Times Factor” has been fulfilled?


You need to stand out. You need a better story. You need to grab and hold onto attention. Not any video will do. These are things that we have done for Nike, Target, Chevrolet and others. Yoyostring Creative has the creative that commits a brand to memory in the mind of the customer. We bring companies to top of mind.


What good is a product or service if it doesn’t sell? Before you can sell something you need the attention of your target audience. Money follows attention.

  • Grab the consumer’s attention
  • Keep it – your asset is worthless without it
  • Create strong emotional associations between your product and an outcome
  • Establish your authority
  • Inspire to take action

Promote a Thriving Company Culture

“Powerful organizations and great brands got there by aligning with and accelerating tectonic cultural shifts, not by tweaking sales one at a time.” – Seth Godin

Company culture is the only unique identifier of an organization. Everything else can be copied or replicated, but just like a fingerprint, the culture is uniquely the company’s own. A thriving company culture consists of

  1. Shared beliefs
  2. Shared values

Each of which is established by leadership, communicated, and reinforced by consistent action and attitudes of leadership. Culture can be talked about in every meeting, but it doesn’t matter if actions aren’t inline with what you’re saying. Organizational culture has to be demonstrated and felt by everybody.

Video helps organizations explain, demonstrate, and reinforce ideals. They capture and engage in ways that most people can’t, and offer limitless ways to message because they aren’t limited to the confines of the real world.

Garner Community Support

You need to reach people who share your interests and values. Then, once you reach them, you need to capture their attention, focus it in on your message, and persuade them to donate, buy, share, like, or comment.

How? Video.