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Los Angeles Video Production

Creativity. Los Angeles is known for creativity in fashion, film, food and more. But what about businesses? Because so many LA production companies are focused on feature film; as a Seattle based company, we are often better situated to offer business and organization video production in a creative way because we specialize in business and organizational video and animation content.
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Our customer service is also more accessible and our diversion of work makes us a one stop shop for anything a client can dream up, from pre-production to post production.

From traditional video or animation to motion graphics and even 360 video; MotionFX is perfect for any quirky, unique niche or brand. We offer competitive price points and can provide the same service for less, through our Seattle flagship, and can help with story boarding, creative direction, custom music, voice over, animations and advise for getting the most out of your project. 


We Frequently Film in these Los Angeles Neighborhoods…

Point Loma Neighborhood

Studio City

Just up the canyon from West Hollywood, Studio City is the hub of filming and production right in the mix of the greatest film community in the world.
Hillcrest CA

Santa Monica

As a gateway to the famous Pacific Highway and not far from Malibu; Santa Monica is a beautiful place to film and work with its iconic ocean beaches and central location.
Hillcrest CA

Laguna Beach

laguna Beach is a place all unique on its own.  With a picturesque shopping district and pristine beaches, it’s a perfect location for an exotic shoot and a friendly community to film in.
Gaslamp San Diego


With being so central to South LA, Orange is a great base camp for filming locations from the coast inland.  It can also offer some great studio locations as an alternative to the  Hollywood area.

We Travel to Other Cities too in the Greater Los Angels Area…

  • Hollywood
  • Studio City
  • Del Manhatten Beach
  • Malibu
  • Carpinteria
  • Pasadena
  • Venice Beach
  • Santa Monica
  • Solana Beach
  • Huntington Beach
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Long Beach

Los Angeles Video Production Agency

Let’s face it.  LA is the film capital of the world.  There are more video production companies based in Los Angeles than any other location in the USA.  However, most are focused on big feature films and used to big feature budgets.  We are nicely situated because we are not involved in big feature films at all.  Our focus is on small, medium and large business’ and organizations that want a professional LA look, without paying the LA budget.  Give us a try and see why MotionFX thrives in the land of film making.

Full Service Video Production Los Angeles

There may be three main stages of a video production, but there are other milestones that are just as important.  One of these is within pre-production and it’s scripting and storyboarding.  Depending on the piece, sometimes it can be creative and a bit magical about just hitting play and rolling the camera, but most of the time careful and complete pre-production planning can take a project to the next level .

For full details on our production process, see our video production page.