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Seattle Post Production Services

Seeking Seattle post-production services? Contact MotionFX Studio and submit our form for a free quote!

Our proficient video editors and post-production specialists are dedicated to refining your footage into a resonant masterpiece.

At MotionFX Studio, we pride ourselves on operating like a top-tier post-production house, focused on delivering high-quality video edits, graphics, sound design, and more.

Our Seattle Post Production Services

Creative Video or Film Editing Services

Refine your raw footage into a compelling narrative with our expert video editing. Our seasoned Seattle video editors skillfully cut, trim, and sequence shots to add a seamless flow, ensuring that your video captures the audience’s attention from start to finish.

We know how to enhance your brand identity through precise editing techniques that emphasize your unique concept and touch every aspect of film production.

Color Correction & Grading

Elevate the visual aesthetics of your video with our color correction and grading. Whether correcting for consistency or crafting a unique palette, our staff enhances each frame to communicate your message more effectively visually.

Audio or Sound Editing & Mixing

With our sound editing and mixing, you can achieve pristine audio quality. Our Seattle-based editors ensure dialogue is clear, backgrounds are appropriately ambient, and the soundtracks resonate well with the visual elements, offering an immersive audio experience for your audience. 

With extensive music and sound design knowledge, we’ve got the necessary skills to turn sound into a powerful asset for your production.

Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

Transform your video with striking visual effects and dynamic motion graphics. Employing innovative technology, our video editors produce visually dynamic content that imbues your storytelling with depth and excitement, ensuring it grabs attention.

Voice Over Record & Dubbing Services

Incorporate professional voice-overs and dubbing to enhance your video’s narrative. Our post-production facilities specialize in delivering superior recordings, ensuring the clear and effective transmission of your message, perfectly synchronized with your visual content.

Subtitle and Captioning

Expand your audience reach with our subtitles and captioning. Our video editors prioritize inclusivity by providing accurate and timely text overlays, ensuring that your message is accessible to non-native speakers and people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Why Post Production Matters

Post-production is where all the elements of your video come together to create a cohesive story. It’s an art form that involves editing, visual effects, graphics, and more. Each step is crucial in turning good footage into an outstanding video that captivates and engages.


Ready to take your video content to the next level?

Our Process


We start with a thorough assessment or consultation to fully grasp your vision, objectives, and individual needs for each project.

Production Planning

Rough Cut

We start with a rough edit, piecing together the best takes and sequences to form the backbone of your video.

Video Production

Feedback Loop

Incorporating your feedback is crucial. We collaborate, allowing revisions to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.

Video Editing

Final Review

With feedback integrated, we fine-tune the details, ensuring every video element is polished.

Video Delivery


We deliver your completed video in your chosen format, primed for broadcasting, streaming, or distribution on any platform.

Areas We Serve in Seattle, WA

  • Downtown Seattle
  • Capitol Hill
  • Belltown
  • Queen Anne
  • Fremont
  • Ballard
  • South Lake Union
  • Green Lake
  • West Seattle
  • Pioneer Square
  • University District
  • Columbia City
  • Wallingford
  • First Hill
  • Central District

Why MotionFX Studio Excels as the Best Video Post-Production Provider

editor seattle video production 625 1st Avenue Seattle, WA 98104 United States

Expert Video Production & Editing Team

At MotionFX Studio, our Seattle-based video editors are not just skilled but passionate artisans of the digital age.

With profound expertise in cutting, sequencing, and refining footage, they ensure every project resonates with its intended audience, making us the top choice for video post-production.

As a full-service agency with experience producing video, we host a crew that can handle any creative challenge, ensuring your vision is realized with the highest quality.

Advanced Post-Production Technology

We harness cutting-edge technology for video editing, 3D or 2D animation, and visual effects, positioning us at the forefront of post-production innovation.

Our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art video equipment that can stand up to the demands of any project, including corporate events, ensuring exceptional quality and precision in every production.

Commitment to Quality & Detail

We pride ourselves on delivering polished, broadcast-quality videos that undergo rigorous quality control, ensuring flawless results every time. Our professional production staff meticulously manages every aspect of the process to uphold our high standards.

Customized & Client-Focused Solutions

Our pride stems from our dedication to adjusting our services to cater to the requirements of every client. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, we adapt our post-production techniques to suit your specific requirements and goals.

We deliver professional video solutions that are award-winning and gorgeous, tailored to reflect the essence of each project.

Do You Want to Hire a Post-Production Crew Near Me?

If you’re in Seattle, Washington, and need top-notch post-production expertise, MotionFX Studio is your premier choice. As your local Seattle video editing hub, we specialize in refining your visual content to its utmost potential.

We are ready to transform your raw footage into polished, compelling narratives that captivate and engage. Get in touch with us today to elevate your project!

Bring Your Project to Life with Seattle Post Production Solutions – Contact Us!

Elevate your video project with MotionFX Studio’s post-production solutions. Our extensive post-production solutions span color grading, voice-over, dubbing, and visual effects and can unlock your project’s potential.

Connect with us today and fill out our form to discuss your needs.

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