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Seattle Based Animation Production

We are MotionFX. Animation is a popular way to share a story, explain a process or highlight a program. MotionFX has experience providing all styles of animation that include: White Board, Explainer, Classic Hand Drawn, Flat Design, Motion Graphic, Stop Motion and Claymation - all handmade in Seattle, WA.
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2D Animation

2D animation is very hot right now.
One reason for it’s popularity is because of it’s unique custom design, clean modern style, interesting movement and the ability to explain complicated and sophisticated information in a simple, visual and easy to understand way.

Logo Reveals

One way to really take your brand, website and marketing to the next level is a custom logo reveal.  Logo reveals are an affordable way to to give your brand some personality and some movement.  We can create logo reveals in tons of different styles from flat 2D design to full 3D motion.

Stop Motion

Stop motion animation is a fun way to show off products or tell a story.  Anything can be done with stop motion using people, products, art, paper, clay; you name it, with stop motion – your message will hold the attention you need and want, all with a unique bit of fun that captivates viewers.

3D Animation

3D animation is a sophisticated style of movement and characters that  were once reserved for Hollywood studios like Pixar.  But with the development of new creative computer animation, our studio can design and create custom 3D animations with the same Hollywood  glamor and wow!

Hand Drawn

2Hand Drawn Animation is the old school style.   This style of animation takes real skill.  Each frame of animation is created independantly and then placed in order to create movement when played together in a fast sequence.  For a really impressive impact – this is the style to go for.

Drift Motion

Drift motion animation is a fun way to show off products or tell a story.  Anything can be done with drift motion using people, products, art, paper, clay; you name it, with stop motion – your message will hold the attention you need and want.  It’s a unique way to have your brand stand apart.




More About Animation

We love animation. It evokes emotion, nostalgia, and has infinite options for conveying a message. Ads don’t feel like ads, educational videos don’t feel like work, and they bring us back to that “Saturday morning cartoons” feeling.

Animation is Effective

Video marketing is the most effective type of marketing. One third of all online activity is video streaming, and YouTube reports 100% mobile usage increase every single year. That means people are always watching video, especially on-the-go. People do business with people they know, like, and trust, but sometimes animation does it better than we can with traditional video production.

Why Use Animated Videos In Your Marketing?

Check out our blog post explaining how to use animation in your marketing at https://www.mfxstudio.com/news/using-animation-in-marketing/

You can’t help people if you don’t have their attention. In some cases, regular video is better than animated and vice versa. The biggest advantage of using animated videos is the engagement animation offers you. Animation

  • Captures attention
  • HOLDS attention
  • Reaches people at deep levels

Captures Attention

Animation doesn’t feel like an ad. People watch your animated promotion more openly than if it’s a non-animated video. Educational videos can take any form to reach an audience. Go beyond demographics and interests. Become the thing or experience that your audience is obsessed with right now with animation.

Holds Attention

Talking cats and astronauts in orbit are just more fun than you talking. Leprechauns and rabbits running from children to keep their cereal is more fun that talking about how a good breakfast will make your day better.

Reaches People At Deep Levels

Nostalgia, ease of watching, & messaging without the limits of the real world – think bears using toilet paper. We all use it, we all know what we want, but a bear showing us why their brand is better pushes all of our experience to the side draws us in to buy.

Types Of Animation We Offer

  • Pixel art and animation
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Explainer videos

Animated video 1 Animated video 2

Video Animation Process

Here’s a snapshot of what it takes to make an animated. We at Yoyostring Creative lead the way and make the process as easy as possible for you, but it’s helpful to visualize the process. Lists are good for shopping and they’re essential for video production. The process consists of only three stages, but each stage has many substages.

Stage 1 – Discovery

  • Creative brief – understand the business and purpose of the video
  • Concept – create the story that inspires the visuals
  • Timeline – each project step, feedback, & revision stipulations

Stage 2 – Production

  • Script – effectively communicate your message and/or narration, and revisions
  • Storyboard – sketches of different scenes that outline the animation and inspire the animator’s motion
  • Style Frame – to brand and stylize your explainer video, we’ll create a frame around the video with a color or logo

Stage 3 – Creation

  • Voiceover – you choose a voice, or we can find someone for you at additional cost, to read the script
  • Animation – we precisely time the motion to all scenes
  • Sound – music and custom sound effects that enhance the visual
  • Delivery – video is complete and sent to you

What Makes A Good Animation?

Animation is a difficult skill to master, and actually not even masterable. To master a skill to have a finish point, but innovations and processes in animation are improving all of the time. One can’t truly master animation because there is no end to what one can learn.


Listening is critical to a good animation. Taking great notes and frequently addressing them is a must for animators to accomplish the spirit and goal you, the client, are looking for in your animation. An animator’s individual preference or sense of style can influence the video, so taking criticism and feedback is paramount to achieving the client’s goal and not that of the animator. Feedback also offers opportunity for revelation and idea expansion or refinement. Immediately Grab Attention The first seconds of your video are the most important. If you don’t grab attention, then who is watching your video? Win your audience over in the beginning or lose them forever.

Don’t Over Animate

Animation includes moving things around, but even more so, animation is about bringing something to life. Often times, new animators move assets around too much because they think the scene will look better. Another way to avoid over animation is to not think about how to move from scene to scene, but rather focus on how to make a character real or “breathable.

Don’t Over Animate

Keep it simple.  One of the best things about animation is the fact that it can make very complicated information more easy to understand.