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MotionFx Studio

We are MotionFX. We have helped small businesses, national organizations and fortune 500 companies create unique and creative video to help them communicate their stories through non-profit video, corporate video, commercial video, documentary video, interviews, and brand driven video. From pre-production through post production we have experience to accomplish what you want to create.
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Corporate video production refers to the process of creating videos specifically for business or organizational purposes. These videos are designed to communicate key messages, promote products or services, and engage with a target audience.


Web Adverts

Web videos have become a powerful tool
for businesses to reach potential customers.
With the right video content, companies can
spread their message and stand out from
the competition. By creating an effective
web video advertisement, businesses
can make an impact and draw in customers.
In this blog post, we will explore the power
of web videos and discuss how businesses
can create an effective video ad
that resonates with their target audience.


Product video production is an essential tool for businesses in today’s digital age. With the rise of online shopping and the growing importance of visual content, product videos have become a vital part of any marketing strategy. These videos allow businesses to showcase their products and services in a visually appealing and engaging way, helping to capture the attention of potential customers.

One of the key benefits of product video production is its ability to convey information quickly and effectively.



Non-Profit Video Production is a powerful
tool for telling compelling stories and raising
awareness for a cause. It has the ability to
connectwith audiences on an emotional level,
inspiring them to take action.

By understanding the importance
of visual storytelling andthe power of video,
non-profits can create videos that will
make a lasting impact.


Commercial video production is the process
of creating videos that are used to promote
a company, product, or service – mainly for
television. It involves
a number of different steps and techniques,
from concepting and scripting to filming
and editing.

Event Video

Live Video Production is the process of
recording a live event or performance and
capturing it in real-time. This form of production
requires advanced equipment and techniques
to ensure that the video is being captured with
the highest quality possible. From
concerts and sporting events to
corporate conferences and
educational seminars,
Live Video Production is a powerful way to
capture the energy of an event
and share it with an audience.



Different Types of Video We Create


One great way to share the goals, objectives and mission for your company or organization is using video on your web site, in your social media campaigns and even in email blasts.  Most of these types of videos feature a several interviews along with B-roll footage and sometimes a professional voice over.  One strength that we have at MFX is our ability to add custom and professional motion graphics, which add interest and can help make your video stand out from the rest.



A branded film is similar to a corporate video, but usually try’s to connect with the viewer on a deeper emotional level. With a focus on the script and a broader story, branded content tells the “Why are we doing it?”   Band films can be very impactful because of the focus on story and the fact that they are typically filmed in a very cinematic style, focusing on detail and beautifully shot video.  Brand videos are a perfect choice to share a personal impactful story.


Commercial video is typically an advertisement made mainly for Television; sometimes the web.  This type of video is usually a larger production than a corporate video that may include sets, studios, hair and makeup, elaborate camera tools, high end cameras and special effects. Commercial video can be a more expensive approach to video, but the extra budget can add to the professionalism and high end look and feel.  At MFX, we have experience and creating high end commercial content at a lower cost than most.


Testimonial videos are great for customers sharing their experience with your company, cause or product.   They are an advocate for your brand sharing how you were an impact to them in a personal way.  These video can be shot in a studio or on site at the company or agencies location.


With a well written, intentional script; training videos are meant to provide the information and instruction to help your viewer succeed. Training videos are best when they are simple, relatable and informative.  We specialize in training videos.


Promotional content is typically shorter, has a very clear message that is easy to understand, while still connecting with the viewer on an emotional level.  A great way to create brand awareness a new venture or a cause that you care about.